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Some Activity achievements are missing for iOS 12 users

Use the app Activity hard? Do you strive to proudly obtain and keep your achievement badges? Maybe you have (or have had) a not very pleasant surprise updating to iOS 12.

Achievements in the Activity app on iPhone

Apparently, an unspecified bug is causing some of these seasonal event-related achievements to be disappearing from their badge board. Just them:

  • Thanksgiving Day Challenge, 2016
  • Mother's Day Challenge, 2017
  • Veterans Day Challenge, 2017
  • Thanksgiving Day Challenge, 2017
  • China National Activity Day Challenge 2018

Apple has posted a post on its support page stating that it is already aware of the issue, and a fix will be issued to it in a future iOS update, perhaps in version 12.1, which is already in testing (unless Apple needs to anticipate a 12.0 .1 of life).

Until then, unfortunately you will have to settle for having your achievements temporarily erased. #out

via MacRumors

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