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KDE Community wants to make it easy for Windows 7 users to come to Linux

The KDE Community staff is willing to help those coming in from Windows 7 and adapt as best they can.

As we reported early last year (2019), Windows 7 or Seven for some would be no longer having extended support by 2020, making it very vulnerable to attacks and not safer to use it. Well KDE wants to help by bringing users into the penguin world. KDE Community wants to make it easy for Windows 7 users to come to Linux

In its blog, the KDE project uses the following Plasma: A Safe Place for Windows 7 or Plasma Refugees: A Safe Haven for Windows 7 Refugees. In the post, they highlight the end date of MS's support for Windows 7, which is January 14, 2020.

Still in this post, they comment on the vulnerabilities of still using Windows 7. They also comment that Windows currently holds about 77% of the global desktop marketshare and that of these 77%, almost 30% still use Windows 7. Some people already They are migrating their machines to Windows 10, which is recommended by Microsoft, but there are others who do not want this change for N reasons, which we will not detail here.

They also encourage people to help bring their friends, family, classmates and acquaintances. According to the folks at KDE, Even if you can only convince one person to transition to any Linux-based system, you have done something valuable and helped the FLOSS movement, which is nonetheless true. If you want to contribute ideas and the like to KDE, you can do this via this link, just have a KDE Identity, but if you don't, just do one here.

In the video below, the KDE folks show why to update from Windows 7th for some Linux distro, which in the case of video are using KDE Plasma with the base Ubuntu.

The modification was made by Dominic Hayes, creator of Feren OS. He used the following elements for this:

Window Decorating: Seven Black;

Application Style: Gtk2;

GTK Theme: Windows Se7en by Elbullazul;

cones: Darkine;

Colors: Breeze Light;

Cursors: DMZ White;

Splash Screen: Feren OS;

Panel: 38 height;

Widgets: Default Apps Menu, IO Task Manager, Stock System Tray, Feren Calendar or Event Calendar, Win7 Show Desktop.

To check out the full post from the staff of KDE, just access it here. Also had a tweet of them commenting on.

It's great to see this kind of initiative from the Linux community, to want to help new users coming from another operating system and thus make it as comfortable as possible to use the new system. I hope more projects and people from within the community will do this, this attitude will be very good.

This article does not end here, keep exchanging an idea there in our forum. Hope to see you next, a big hug.

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