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IOS 12.1 beta code suggests launch of new iPads Pro soon!

How new iPads Pro Come on, no one doubts. The most correct question in the if, but when. Well, the most plausible answer to the question October. I explain.

We have already seen that iOS 12.1 beta has two news related to these possible new professional tablets from Apple. The first is a Face ID that works with the device in both portrait (landscape) and landscape (landscape) modes. The second is iCloud's Memojis sync, which also corroborates the arrival of an iPad with the TrueDepth front camera after all, would hardly Apple make this sync available to a minority of people who have two or more iPhones in it?

Smoking the bowels of the app Setup (which users don't have access, but the app that commands the welcome screen of a iGadget, when you first set it up) present in iOS 12.1 beta, the Brazilian developer Guilherme Rambo always him! found the identifier iPad2018Fall (iPad fall 2018), which well, I don't even need to explain.

The discovery of Rambo most likely has to do with some new information that Apple is putting into this app. Setup in order to facilitate and teach users how to set up an iPad with Face ID for the first time.

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With the help of @mysmartprice, @stevehemmerstoffer (known for leaking several devices before their respective releases) attacked again. According to him, this could be the #iPadPro that Apple launched in 2018, saying goodbye to #TouchID (hello, #FaceID!) And, therefore, widening the screen of the device so that it is very close to the edges. Still, note that the edge is large enough to accommodate the TrueDepth camera, so it is not necessary to use a notch. If these renders are true to the final product, we can say goodbye also 3.5mm audio output. On the other hand, we will have the arrival of a new side button that, so far, no one has been sure what it would do. In addition, the Smart Connector is positioned at the rear just above the Lightning charging port, implying that the iPad can only be used with accessories (eg keyboards) vertically because of the impossibility of unlocking the device horizontally with the #FaceID (which we doubt a bit). And you, what did you think?

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Rumors that we will have a special event in October to get to know not only these new iPads Pro (which, besides Face ID, may come with a USB-C connector instead of Lightning), but maybe also new Macs including a MacBook with Touch ID and even a new Mac mini.

Excited for another event? ?

via 9to5Mac