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Google Maps is updated with CarPlay support

Last week we released screenshots of Google Maps running on CarPlay and so far it looked like it was at a similar stage to Waze still starting its more open testing phase.

Here's the good news: App Store just arrived Google Maps 5.0, j with support for Carplay! Obviously, to use it, iPhone must be updated to iOS 12.

Things we love: rainbows, puppies, and browsing Google Maps on Apple CarPlay. Check out this feature to get the most out of Maps on your car monitor.

Google may surprise and also release a Waze update quickly by adding support, but if it still takes a few days (or even weeks), at least we already have Google Maps to ?break a branch? and quote it, because It is already excellent (even more compared to Apple Maps).

A few more images:

Lucky you have cars equipped with CarPlay, have fun! ?

Google Maps app icon - Traffic & Food

tip of Narlei Moreira

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