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Fedora 32 may have better Wine compatibility through Mono 6.6

Fedora developers are working hard to bring Mono on version 6.6 on version 32 of the blue hat system.

Fedora 32 may bring Mono version 6.6, software that interprets commands that applications running on Wine make for the Microsoft .NET Framework.

fedora-32-will-have-better-wine-compatibility with mono-6.6

Bringing Mono into a more up-to-date version makes it possible to bring the latest .NET Framework features to the distro. Mono version 6.6 was released in December / 2019 and brings improved WebAssembly support, better CoreFX compatibility, among other enhancements.

Given that we are already relatively close to the release date, it is not guaranteed that the necessary implementations for the inclusion of Mono in version 6.6 will be made on time, but the team will not measure efforts to meet the goal.

Why important?

You who have already installed any games or any other software on Linux through Lutris or PlayOnLinux have probably come across a dialog box asking permission to install Mono in the middle of the installation process. That's because Mono works in conjunction with Wine to support applications that depend on the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Without Mono it would simply not be possible for this massive number of software to be functional through Wine. Speaking of Wine, of course this also includes a huge number of games that run through Steam Play / Proton.

Game compatibility with Linux distributions, whether native or through layers of compatibility, has grown very rapidly in recent years, and a simple upgrade of software such as Wine, Proton, DXVK and even Mono itself may be the point. in which someone's favorite game works satisfactorily on the platform.

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