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Anatel approves Magic Trackpad 2 and Apple Pencil

Just yesterday, we reported that the National Telecommunications Agency had approved the Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse 2. As we commented, the third accessory Apple released with the new iMacs was missing.

Today, Anatel published the approval of the Magic Trackpad 2 model A1535. Here is your Certificate of Technical Compliance:

Anatel approves the Magic Trackpad 2

And photos of the unit sent for approval:

Anatel approves the Magic Trackpad 2

Along with the trackpad, painted on Anatel systems also the approval of another new Apple accessory that may explain why Brazil is not in the lead of more than 40 countries that will receive the iPad Pro this week.

O Apple pencil model A1603 has just been approved:

Anatel approves Apple Pencil

Here are your photos:

Anatel approves Apple Pencil

Apparently, we still have to wait for Smart Keyboard approval before the iPad Pro is fully released for sale nationwide.

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