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★ Fast Shop promotes “Apple Day” with discounts of up to 26%, don't miss it!

THE Fast shop is back with one more Apple Day. And the offers are not few, no! ?

Apple TV and Siri Remote viewed from above diagonally

The new Apple tv arrived with everything to Brazil. Unfortunately not for the price we wanted, but with the Fast discount things get a lot better, after all, instead of going for R $ 1,349, set top box it's costing now $ 999 at up to 6 times without interest (a 25.9% discount)!

MacBook Air

For those looking for Macs, MacBooks Air (current generation) are also at great discounts. The 11.6-inch entry model is starting at $ 2,499 per R $ 6,999 in up to 10 times without interest (17.6% discount)! Already the 13.3 inch (also entry) model is starting at $ 9,499.00 per R $ 7,499.00 (at 10x; a 21.1% discount)!

New Golden MacBook

If your the new beach 12 inch MacBook, his entry model is coming out for R $ 9,999 instead of $ 12,499 (at 10x, a 20% discount).

iPad Pro

H yet ?Combos? interesting as Macs + Office and iPads Pro + Office 365 (with discounts up to R $ 230) and 64GB iPhone 6s + Lightning Cable ($ 129 discount). Incidentally, if you can't afford to have a 1m Apple Lightning cable, Fast is also offering the accessory at 23.3% off, ie $ 129 per $ 99.

If you prefer to pay for your sight purchases, you get an even better price on all these products. Be sure to stop by the Fast Shop both online and in physical stores and enjoy the promos of "Apple Day"! ?

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