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Waze is now compatible with CarPlay!

As we reported last week, as soon as iOS 12 was released, the Waze started the app tests to Carplay. Shortly thereafter, we gave our first impression of the service, showing that the tests themselves were already well advanced and that in practice there was no stopping it from being released to the general public anytime soon. And it happened today.

Waze app icon - GPS & Live Traffic

Waze version 4.43.4, now available on the App Store, offers full compatibility with CarPlay. Simply plug your iPhone into the car console (either cable or wireless, depending on the vehicle model) and use Waze conveniently right through your car's display.

Remembering that the Google Maps They have also been supporting CarPlay since last week, so the two most commonly used map options by Brazilians are now available in Ma's automotive solution.

To the lucky ones who own cars equipped with CarPlay, great news! ?

tip of Flavio Staudohar

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