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Striking post office? Meet 5 Alternative Services

What to do when the Post Office went on strike? Sit down and cry? Calm down, we have the solution. We have prepared a list of alternative post office services.

Post Office Alternatives for Local Deliveries


If you need to deliver or receive an order from someone who is not that far away, Loggi could be the solution. An online express delivery platform that connects you with motoboys. It works very simply: after creating a registration, you select the delivery address (or more than one, if applicable) and the platform itself finds the nearest messenger to perform the race.

Loggi works by both the site and the application, and through them you can track delivery in real time. You can also share this path with the person who should receive the order. Loggi is a service that operates in the cities of So Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba and Porto Alegre.

loggi 2
Loggi is a simple and easy tool. / Screenshot / AndroidPIT


Still thinking about local deliveries, another option for Vaptuber. As its name implies, the application acts as a delivery Uber. The service works with motoboys and cyclists, and is present in 645 cities of the state of So Paulo. With a proposal similar to Loggi's, you sign up for the application, call a delivery man, and the order arrives safely at the final destination.

vaptuber 3
It really looks like Uber, doesn't it? / Screenshot / AndroidPIT

EcoBike Courier

Another similar option is the EcoBike Courier. The difference here is that all deliveries are made by cyclists, so the company still has environmental appeal.

The order of a delivery cyclist can be made through the site, and the company serves the cities of Balnerio Cambori, Blumenau, Braslia, Itaja, Curitiba, Londrina, Cascavel, Porto Alegre, Santos and So Paulo.

Alternatives to Couriers for distant deliveries


To send orders to more distant locations, there are also alternatives of wide territorial scope, as well as the Post Office. And one of them is FedEx. In addition to acting on international orders, the company also has the option of domestic services.

Rapido Cometa, which is the FedEx arm that delivers orders nationwide, transports many types of cargo over long distances, and has tracking services to track cargo.

More information such as values ??and scope can be found on the company's website.


Like FedEx, UPS delivers long-distance delivery, making it an alternative for those who need to ship orders far away. In addition, the company also transports various types of cargo, and has tracking service. Information such as the scope of the service can be found on the company's website.

Amazon Squares Up to FedEx and UPS
Foreign Companies Alternative to the Post Office / Divulgao


You might not know that, but in addition to moving people around, some highways and bus companies offer freight services. With the advantage of wide geographical coverage, it is possible to send parcels through the luggage rack of buses that make normal journeys.

In Rio Grande do Sul, for example, all bus terminals that sell tickets have a parcel shipping sector. In So Paulo, some specific companies, such as VB Transportes e Turismo, also perform this type of service.

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