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LeadWearks and the idea of ​​bringing Extreme graphics games to Linux

A real possibility of having great graphics games on Linux with LeadWearks

Games with AAA class graphics

Good intentions that LeadWearks people do not lack, for those who do not know, LeadWearks is a game development platform with graphical levels. THE which already works very well with OpenGL but is not yet ported to Linux. LeadWearks can be ported to Linux

The idea of ??the developers is to go further than Unity Engine which, for now at least, can only export games to Linux but there is no native platform to develop games. at the Linux, the idea of ??LeadWearks just make games to run on Linux with Linux, great in?

As I said at the beginning, good intentions are not lacking, which the developers lack money, after all such a project can take some time to get ready, time and many hours of development, so LeadWearks developers decided to start a campaign of KickStarter fundraising for project development.

The engine may not be free, today there are three versions for Windows and Mac, the project hopes to raise $ 20,000 to help develop.

This is a very important step for Linux, I think it is really praiseworthy attitudes like these, of course they will continue to develop the Engine for Linux even without support, but this may take longer, ideally some company or studio to invest a little in LeadWearks because the market Linux gamer is a little explored market and has many Linux users who are potential gamers.

See LeadWearks Engine demo in action:

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