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iFixit takes apart new 12-inch MacBook and, as expected, finds no major changes

It took a little longer than usual, but the iFixit kept its tradition, we put our hands on the new Macbook with 12 inch Retina display and showed us all his insides today.

Here are the highlights:

  • Apart from the new rose gold color, it is practically impossible to distinguish the new model from last year. Even his model (A1534) remained the same. Just the different EMC number: 2991, while the previous one was 2746.
  • Apple has happily replaced some Y screws (Tri-wing) by traditional Phillips on this new model, making repairs easier. Some other internals are Torx type, which is not a big problem either; iFixit was only surprised to use some substance on certain screws that would indicate Apple that the machine was opened / moved, which is curious. Outside, the MacBook case continues to use screws Pentalobe (Apple owners).
  • USB-C hardware has changed a bit in this new generation. The cable is permanently attached to the logic board, where it is also silenced (formerly it was a part of the cable itself). That is, this new set is not compatible with last year's MacBook.
  • Although the battery format is 100% identical to the previous one, it is a little (4%) more powerful this year: 7.56V, 41.41Wh with 5.474mAh. Apple did not include practical replacement stickers as in other devices, but in this case there is backward compatibility.

IFixit again gave the MacBook a rating of just 1/10 "Repairability" is, after all, no doubt not a computer designed to be opened / repaired by anyone other than Apple itself.

Anyone who wants to can check the teardown complete here.

(via Mashable)

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