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How Apple Watch Series 4 Fall Detection Works

O Apple Watch Series 4 has a very cool new feature that is important to many people: Fall Detection.

How it works

The feature works like this: If you fall over and Apple Watch detects that you are moving, it waits to see if you respond to the alert that appears on the screen and does not automatically call emergency services; Now, if you stay still for about a minute, Watch will start a countdown of 15 seconds. This alert gets louder and louder (if you have one around, maybe the watch can call attention).

Apple Watch Series 4 Drop Detection

If the countdown ends, the watch will automatically contact the emergency service; Shortly thereafter, he will send a message to his emergency contacts with his location, informing him that Apple Watch has detected a serious drop and called the emergency service.

Emergency contacts

IOS Medical Sheet

And what emergency contacts would these be? Well, the ones in your medical record. We have already done a full Medical Record article, but in a nutshell, you can add and edit these emergency contacts by opening the Sade app, tapping the ?Medical Record? tab, then ?Editing? and finally adding or editing. your contacts.

Emergency services

According to Apple, some countries and regions have various numbers of emergency services. In this case, Apple Watch will call the number associated with ambulance services. In Brazil, the dialed number is 190 (military police telephone). It is good to point out that there is not at least an official way to change this number.

Activating the feature

Fall Detection is disabled by default. It is only enabled if you are over 65, with your age duly completed in the Sade app Medical File.

Enabling the Drop Detect feature

To enable the Fall Detect feature, open the Watch app and on the My Watch tab, tap Emergency SOS. Then scroll down and enable the feature.

See him at work

We tested the feature in practice, see how it works:

It is worth noting that Apple Watch cannot detect all drops. In addition, the more physically active you are, the more likely you are to activate Fall Detection due to high impact activity that may seem like a fall. So be very careful not to go out to the 190 and your emergency contacts unnecessarily. ?