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Apple is hiring more software engineers than hardware engineers

From its founding to some not too distant point in the past, Apple has always prided itself on being a hardware. It was the palpable things, the practical design solutions that Steve Jobs was most proud of; Just see that by 2007, the company was called "Apple Computer, Inc.". At some point, however, that changed and the Thinknum There are numbers to show this change.

According to data brought by the site, Apple is for the first time (since at least January 2016, when the Thinknum survey), hiring more software than hardware.

Apple Job Openings, by Segment, between 2016 and 2018 (Thinknum)

The above GIF shows that since the site began collecting this data, the hardware engineering area has been the most popular among Apple's job openings at some points, with a big advantage over other segments. The turnaround occurred in the third quarter of 2018, when demand for software engineering professionals took the lead, keeping it in the next period.

Please note that data refer only to job vacancies advertised on the Apple website; outsourced companies or vacancies advertised by other portals do not count towards Thinknum. Still, the data is important and somewhat predictable, as Ma doesn't hide from anyone who is on the road to becoming a service company (and therefore software).

With iPhone (supposedly) seeing its most glorious days behind it, it is important for Apple to now create an even stronger and more attractive ecosystem to trap existing customers and attract new consumers. On the other hand, it is hoped that the hardware area is not completely forgotten many of us (including me), after all, we are here mainly because of her.

via MacRumors