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Kids have learned how to bypass iOS 12 Usage Time

We have published a complete guide to Use Time, iOS 12 feature that allows users to control and limit their use of apps and devices not only with themselves but also with their children's devices if their accounts are linked through Home Sharing.

Now, as expected, the little (evil) geniuses are already using all their creativity to exploit bugs and holes in the system and circumvent the time limits of the new feature. Why professional bug catchers when you have desperate kids for another 10 minutes on Angry Birds anyway?

IOS 12 Usage Time

This discussion on Reddit has a lot of parents alike concerned and amazed at their children's creativity. The creator of the topic mentioned the case where his son, a small seven-year-old (!), Found a way to keep playing even after his whistle blew: just go to the App Store and search for a title that was previously downloaded, but deleted, and touch the cloud cone to download again. The system will not ask for any password and the game will not enter the pre-set limit and can be played in the night.

Other cases were shared by parents and guardians. In one of them, the user infant learned to reset the device's date and time to reset the Usage Time defaults and was granted access. ad infinitum; In another case of creativity, a brilliant hacker under 10 started sending YouTube videos to himself on iMessage as the messenger wasn't blocked, you could just watch the content there, even if the YouTube app was out of order. Limits.

Of course, over time, the Usage Time feature and its limits will be improved and these more immediate breaches will surely be corrected by Apple. Still, the tip is: Few things will actually stop a particular child, so in the end, perhaps the best idea is to establish a dialogue with the little ones, putting limits not on software but on behavior. Usage Time, after all, is a great ally, but it cannot be solely responsible for this task.

via Cult of Mac

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