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Google Maps gets Apple Music / Spotify support and more!

Google today released a note about new features of Google Maps for both iOS and Android users. What's new, customers of the giant Moutain View service will now be able to better control their travel before starting a trip, checking for possible delays and problems on certain routes including public transport data.

In the last update of Google Maps, the company had implemented a new option in app adjustments called ?Daily displacement?, which gathers information about users' preferred mode and time of travel. This feature will now serve as a guide so you can check for any congestion or break in the route; It will also provide information specific to the means of transport used even if you use more than one to reach the destination.

Google Maps

Google Maps will also show real-time bus and train locations in 80 regions of the world (initially). In Sydney (Australia), the app even tells you the number of passengers on these modes if you want to know if you can get a seat or not. According to the company, these features will be expanded to other cities "soon".

Finally, if you use the Apple music, O Spotify or the Google Play MusicYou will be able to control music playback without leaving Google Maps to keep your eyes (and focus) where it really matters. With Spotify on Android you will also be able to choose your favorite music through the new navigation interface, which will display your library content by music, albums, podcasts and playlists.

Spotify on Google Maps

Also, owners of Android devices will have some advantages over those who use iOS. In this sense, the robot user may activate real-time notification of route interruptions, which also inform the estimated delay until reaching the destination.

According to Google, the new scrolling features will be released globally for iOS and Android this week. To know how to configure it, just access the service support page remembering that some news will not be available in Brazil as soon as this update comes out.

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