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Apple Music Breaks With Rivals, Will Not Appeal Composer Royalty Increase

Unlike other industries, the streaming Music is constantly in the midst of crossfire because it involves the interest of various groups and companies. Who doesn't remember the politics surrounding the Apple music and singer Taylor Swift in 2015?

At that time, the service of streaming Ma was criticized for not passing on royalties of music for composers and artists during the three months of user evaluation. After the Swift letter was passed on, however, the Cupertino giant came back and paid the royalties properly, even during the trial period of the service.

Certainly Apple has learned from past mistakes because the company has decided that in appealing a recent decision by the United States Copyright Council that increases royalties paid to composers in 44% of which Spotify, Google, Pandora and Amazon appealed, as the Commission Variety.

In a joint statement, the giants of streaming They said that the decision of the board harms both music licensees (the digital services themselves) and copyright holders, and they ask that the decision be reviewed.

The Copyright Royalty Board (CRB), in a dissenting decision, changed the rates of royalties US mechanics in a way that raises serious procedural and substantive concerns. If this continues, CRB's decision will hurt both music licensees and copyright owners. We are asking the US Court of Appeals to review the decision.

The four companies filed a court order separately; As we said, Apple Music is among the leading services of streaming who does not plan to appeal the decision.

National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) CEO David Israelite called Spotify, Pandora, Google and Amazon ?bullies technology that do not respect or value composers. ? Apple Music, of course, has been praised for defending and supporting the rights of these professionals.

via MacRumors

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