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Use the KAYAK app to find out if your suitcase fits in the airplane's luggage compartment.

Many of you may know the app KAYAK; If you don't know each other, there's a great chance.

It is basically for you to find the best deals for that trip you are looking to make when comparing prices on various specialized websites whether searching flights, hotels or cars.

There is also an option to set a price alert for when everything reaches the desired level, to know possible destinations with the ?Explore? tool (based on your budget or the date you want to travel) and to have the help of the tool. Trips, which is basically a travel assistant for you to get organized and be notified about flight bookings, hotels, etc.

The app also supports Apple Watch and Apple TV. Cool, no? Now it's even more so, thanks to a new tool that can measure the size of your suitcase using augmented reality.

This is especially useful for those who have just bought a suitcase and are in doubt about its size (if small enough to go with you on the plane or if it has exceeded the allowable size and needs to be checked). Not to mention that nowadays every airline has its own rule for the allowable size of the handbag, which makes it a little more complicated.

Measuring a suitcase in the KAYAK app

To measure your carry-on luggage, open an in-app flight search and tap New luggage measurement tool. The app will ask you to scan the floor (which helps to calibrate the measurement); then slide your camera around the case to record its size.

Measuring a suitcase in the KAYAK app

From there KAYAK does the math, giving you the exact measurements (length, width and height) of the luggage, so you know if you can carry it as carry-on or if it needs to be checked. The tool, which for now is minimally available for iPhones 6s running iOS 11.3, compares baggage pricing policies of all KAYAK partner airlines in one place. This way you know if your suitcase fits in the luggage compartment, regardless of the company.

Of course, everything doesn't always work the right way, you know, things involving technology. In my tests here, the first time the app had trouble identifying the floor of my room (probably because of the light color) and calculated the size of the bag totally wrong. When I did the second test on another (darker) floor, everything worked (the bag measurement was 100% correct).

Another new feature of the app is the tool integration Trips with Apple's virtual assistant Siri.

Siri Shortcuts in the KAYAK App

Just open the KAYAK app, go to the tab Trips, tap Add Siri and enter a voice command to know all your travel information just by talking to the assistant.

Good news for those who like to travel and use the iPhone as their ally. ?

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