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Unreal Engine 4 will be compatible with Linux

One More Heavyweight Engine Reaching Linux

New version of Unreal Engine to have Linux and SteamOS support

THE Epic Games announced on its official blog that the update of the Unreal engine for version 4.1 handles support for Linux.

unreal-engine-41-no-linux According to Mike Fricker, editor-in-chief of tools at Epic Games:

"A lot of people have asked us to support Linux and SteamOS. Now, we've brought you some good news: Unreal Engine 4 code 4.1 is ready to run games on these systems. We love Linux!"

With this announcement we can expect the portability of some new games being developed with Unreal Engine to land on Linux as well, such as "Daylight" and "Fortnite".

If Linux continues to be like this in just a few years for games, we have recently heard that CryTek has released the next version of CryEngine for Linux, the engine responsible for the game Crysis, this shows the changing market.

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