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Swift returns to Top 10 programming languages

At the beginning of last year, we talked about how the Swift I had quickly climbed a mountain and made a place in the sun among the 10 most popular programming languages ??in the world according to the TIOBE index. Since then, Ma's language has dropped a few positions in the ranking (which usually has many changes in their positions below Top 5) and came to 16th place last October, but now she's back on the top 10 team.

See how the most recent search for the current month was:

TIOBE index with commonly used programming languages, October 2018

O Java remains the most popular language in the world and along ÇSecond place, has a considerable advantage over the others we are talking about utilization rates of 17.8% and 15.4% compared to developers in the world. By way of comparison, the third place, the C ++, has a rate of 7.6%; Swift, which is in tenth place, is 1.5%.

That is, it can still grow a lot and this is certainly the intention of Apple, which has been doing a very interesting job of spreading the language especially with children and young people, with the Swift Playgrounds application. Will we still see Ma's creation occupying the podium? We'll have to wait and see.

via Apple World Today

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