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MM Answers: Is it still possible to change iTunes backup location on macOS Mojave?

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Today's question:

Still able to change iTunes backup location on macOS Mojave?

The backup option on iCloud is currently the most recommended, but in addition to requiring you to hire more cloud space (for the vast majority of people at least), there is still a problem of time for both file copy and restore. according to the speed of the internet you have available.

In addition to it, there is the option of backing up through iTunes. In this case, however, you can easily clog your Mac with backups (especially if you have a machine with 256GB or less storage).

Two important pieces of information are worth mentioning here: iCloud backups have been made much faster and cheaper, and since iTunes no longer allowed copying applications into the Mac backup, the sense of do it on your computer.

The most interesting option even for macOS High Sierra 10.13 was to move this local backup that is usually inside iTunes to an external HDD or SSD, but this is no longer possible. Yes, Apple no longer allows you to change the backup storage location of your iGadgets. In fact, the very way to install iTunes has changed and is now an integrated application for macOS and is not available for download on the Apple page.

This is not something totally new; Since iTunes 12.7, Apple no longer allows you to download apps directly to your Mac. Alternatively, there was a legacy version, 12.6.5, available on this support page. On new macOS, when trying to install it

And when trying to change the location through Terminal, as suggested in our MM Answers previous, you come across the following error message:

So if you still want to copy your phone backup to an external disk, how do you do it?

Natively, it is not possible. Let's go for some alternative solutions.

Apple Configurator 2

The focus of the application is the technology department of large companies, which need to prepare, install and maintain hundreds or even thousands of iGadgets. The form of storage is pretty confusing, but it allows you to copy applications on your phone into your Mac.

Apple Configurator 2 app icon

Oh, don't expect this copy to be made quickly. In the tests performed here, the application was very slow.

Third party applications

One of the most famous solutions is the iMazing app,

We have already talked about this interesting software for macOS and its mini version, but now, in this new version, you can also manage apps from the App Store. Incidentally, according to them, iMazing is one of the only software to allow users to download apps from the App Store and manage them from Ma's desktop operating system.

You do not have access to the App Store itself, but to the apps you already purchased from the store. IMazing prompts you to sign in with your Apple ID and thus accesses your list of purchased apps. Then simply connect iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your computer and click the Manage apps button in the action list to access the feature.

Overall rating

It's worth noting that if you have plenty of space on your computer, your iTunes backup will continue to work, and like the iCloud backup, the apps themselves aren't copied into your phone but their data and bookmark. of the app, ie after restoring a backup, the app will be reinstalled and its files will be pulled from the backup.

Overall, iCloud backup currently works much better than iTunes backup, being more convenient, faster and automatic. In my opinion, if you have trouble using this solution, I believe it is worth investing in third party applications or in solutions like Apple Configurator 2.

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