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Fantastical and Gmail are adapted for iOS 12 and iPhones XS / XS Max; Shazam is updated for macOS Mojave

Three very popular apps have recently received interesting updates from the (Mac) App Store. Let's take a look at them?


The calendar app that enchanted me in our benchmarking a few months ago got a nice update to stay in tune with what's new in iOS 12, watchOS 5, and macOS Mojave 10.14.

Fantastical 2 for iPhone app icon

Fantastical 2 for iPad app icon

Fantastical 2 app icon

For iOS, we have full support for Siri Shortcuts. The command ?Hey Fantastical? opens the app for you to start dictating the creation of a new event or reminder; Custom commands can be configured for the app to show a specific event and you can even go directly to specific lists via a special button created in the Shortcuts app (Shortcuts).

Fantastical on iPhone XS

We also support interactive notifications and lots of Apple Watch news. Fantastical now supports Siri dial and new dials Infograph, showing events and reminders on the watch's home screen; Finally, we also support the new Apple Watch Series 4 screen sizes.

Already in macOS, developer Flexibits tried to adapt the widget ?Today? ("Today") from the app to the dark mode of macOS Mojave and also brought some bug fixes.

All versions of Fantastical for iPhone, iPad and Mac have been updated; they can be purchased from the App Store for $ 10, $ 17 and $ 130, respectively.


Everyone's favorite email client has also made changes to Apple's mobile operating system. Gmail is now fully compatible with iOS 12 and iPhones XS / XS Max, taking advantage of a number of new system features such as receiving grouped notifications on your own or enabling keyboard shortcuts on iPad.

Gmail app icon: Google Email

Google also fixed a bug that was preventing Office documents from opening, which is very important for anyone concerned with productivity. Gmail can be downloaded for free from the App Store.


The main music recognition application was recently completed by Apple, and as it is, it is making changes to become even more integrated with the company's system. Today, your version for Mac has gained news.

Shazam app icon

The news is mainly in the interface, which has gained a store bath and is more elegant; You can now do music recognition with one click on the menu bar no longer need to have the Auto shazam enabled for this type of feature. In addition, we have full support for the dark mode of macOS Mojave.

Shazam can be downloaded for free from the Mac App Store.