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Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram will be integrated, confirms Zuckerberg | Social networks

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed Messenger's integration with Instagram and WhatsApp, bought by his company in 2012 and 2014, respectively. The news had already been advanced by the American newspaper The New York Times last Friday (25). The head of social networks stated that the project will be long term and therefore should only be launched from 2020. The executive still said "excited" for this investment and the main reason pointed out by him the possibility of expanding the end-to-end instant messaging encryption for other products.

Still according to Zuckerberg, the goal of the project would be to meet the wishes of users who ask for a greater association between the three programs available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. The proposal maintains the activities of independent services the difference is in the complete integration between the platforms, which would enable the exchange of content between them. That way, for example, it would be possible to send a WhatsApp message to a Facebook user, even if that person doesn't have an active messenger account.

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Research shows what kind of information your apps have access to Photo: Nicolly Vimercate / TechTudoResearch shows what kind of information your apps have access to Photo: Nicolly Vimercate / TechTudo

Research shows what kind of information your apps have access to Photo: Nicolly Vimercate / TechTudo

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The end-to-end encryption method is indicated as the core of the issue of ensuring WhatsApp users' privacy. This system, adopted by the platform in April 2016, protects the content of conversations and prevents it from being breached. Even application developers are prevented from accessing information shared between users. This has already led to legal disputes, including in Brazil, where the company has refused to hand over key data for a criminal investigation led by the Federal Police.

Remember that Facebook has already had serious problems with the security of personal information of users. A case in point involving the political marketing firm Cambridge Analytica in Donald Trump's campaign during the 2016 US presidential race. At the time, the consultant had access to the confidential data of about 50 million people who had profiles in the social network. The strategy applied in the collection was the use of personality tests, whereby it was possible to delineate detailed psychological profiles used to display more assertive political advertisements. The scandal came to the public in March 2018, following revelations made by the American and British periodicals, The New York Times and The guardian.

Via Seeking Alpha and The New York Times

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