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Apple's New Commercial Shows Why Privacy Matters

At the beginning of the month, we highlighted a new Apple campaign in Europe, focused on privacy. It has not expanded yet, but today the company has shared a new commercial that talks about the same theme.

In it, Apple shows us how important real-world privacy parallels our virtual life and how iPhone is the best choice if you care about it.

?From encrypting your iMessage conversations or not keeping track of maps in Maps, to limiting crawling on websites with Safari. The iPhone is designed to protect your information, ?says the company.

Although the subject is the same as that of the European campaign, the page indicated by Ma for more information on the subject is another. However, let us not forget that the company has touched on this matter before in its homeland more specifically in Las Vegas, just before the start of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019.

Privacy does seem to have been Apple's current choice to highlight the iPhone, as in addition to the European campaign and this new commercial, Apple has changed the decorative arts of its YouTube channel, Twitter account, and Facebook page. all now mention privacy:

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