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Apple is replacing defective 13 ″ MacBooks Pro flex cables without Retina display (mid 2012)

O 13 ? MacBook Pro without Retina Display (Mid 2012) may be finally going offline, but it has just won a new internal "quality program" at Apple this a kind of recall.

According to information obtained by MacMagazine, Apple is changing the cable for free flex (aka front bracket) that connects the hard drive to the logic board of these machines, after identifying that the component was quite susceptible to failure. In some cases, the symptom of the problem that the Mac simply fails to start by pointing out, for example, the absence of its primary drive (which can also be a solid state drive).

If you have such a MacBook Pro with the problem, you can contact AppleCare or refer it to your nearest Apple Authorized Service Center (be sure to back up your data earlier, if possible). If the machine was manufactured from January 26, 2016, the problem no longer exists.

Replacement even in units that are out of warranty, as long as they are within three years of the original purchase date. The exchange program will be held until June 10, 2017.

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