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Apple gets rid of lawsuit filed because of infamous "Error 53"

Remember that story that the unofficial change of the Home button of Touch ID iPhones could render the devices useless, the damn ?Error 53?? Apple has fixed all this mess by releasing a new build of iOS 9.2.1, but that didn't stop it from being processed.

Touch iD

In the collective action led by Darrell Cochran (PCVA attorney), the complainants argued that the iPhones worked perfectly for months after repair of the part until validation was verified for a possible upgrade or restoration. A, the device was a paperweight and the entire contents of the user was lost (if he did not have a backup). In addition to new iPhones for affected users, the class action also required a $ 5 million fine and a software upgrade to remove these repair restrictions outside of authorized service (or Apple itself).

Well, the software update came, and along with it, Apple tried to reimburse customers who paid for out-of-warranty part replacements for their devices and made sure everyone affected by the problem had their devices working. Shortly thereafter, the company asked a responsible judge to close the case by considering all these actions described.

Judge Vince Chhabria then reviewed all the allegations of collective action and found them unsuitable for the continuation of the proceedings. One of the main claims, data loss, was not taken into account as complainants failed to prove the mismatch of loss with "Error 53" (and how Apple corrected the error). They were also unable to prove that Apple was aware of "Error 53" in order to prove that Ma made misleading advertising.

The claimants may indeed amend the claims to try to remedy the questions raised by the judge. That is, the process can still continue, but for now Apple is free of it.

(via MacRumors)

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