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A Week Using Windows – A True Internet Pirate Story

I had to spend a week using Windows and I want to share with you my user experience

If you follow the blog or even our YouTube channel you should know (if you don't know I tell you now) that my computer went bad, and for a little over a week I had to

I borrowed a laptop and had to use Windows during those days, after a long time using Linux things seem weirder, so I will share with you these experiences.

Broken Notebook First of all I will be totally honest about what I had to use, programs I installed and everything, for the sake of explanation, my notebook burned the cooler and had to buy a new part in the meantime while waiting for the replacement part to arrive. I borrowed my girlfriend's computer so I could do my daily chores, her computer has dual-boot Linux Mint 16 MATE, but as I commented in this article here It has an AMD video card and the processor is a bit weak so using Linux with AMD drivers for production got a bit tricky to use it, while on Windows the movement was much more fluid, on Linux the computer crashed a lot, That's how I started my journey through the week in Windows right then, and the story starts from now on.

The first thing I did is an old acquaintance

I am a long time Windows user, I used Windows XP a lot and Windows 7 a little, if compared to the time that I have been using Linux for my larger Windows experience. The first thing I did was create a new user to be able to install some things I needed to work with, and today as a user of another system I can clearly see the difference between using one system and another.

First thing

I will not be fooling people here, the computer had a pirated Windows 8 PRO, just like your Office, but Ok most Windows users are in this same profile and some don't even know the difference between original and pirated, the first program that I installed it was Google Chrome, practically all my work is interconnected with the use of the browser and its extensions, I also installed Skype, Dropbox and an antivirus, I almost forgot about it.

I thought I could spend a week doing my most basic activities, such as working, writing on the blog and maybe even posting some video on the channel, but as the proposal to use only Linux to produce this part was a little aside.

Does everything work here?

Taking into consideration that the pirate system and I shouldn't be using it so everything so far works well, Dropbox which was one of my criticisms of Elementary works as well as Ubuntu, Chrome is the same as usual and Skype me It seemed to have more features on Windows than on Linux, but in the end, I just need to talk to some people anyway.

I forgot to comment that the computer already had Adobe Photoshop CS6 installed so if I wanted to do graphic work I would have a good tool, yes Photoshop pirate too.

The days went by …

And I had to start producing with Windows, so I made this video telling people about my situation and why there is a decrease in the amount of content. I had to post articles on the site, edit images to put here on the blog and on the fan page, I needed to edit videos among other things, that was where some difficulties started.

Really, the problem is the usual

You get used to the operating system and the options and tools it offers, for example quick edits like cropping images, Print Screens editions are easily done using the Shutter but unfortunately it has no version for Windows, the system itself has a more advanced capture tool but still does not have the same features as Shutter, but OK, I have Photoshop remember.

Although "opening Photoshop to just crop a photo is like killing a fly with a bazooka" so I did it, then remembered Paint, and ended up opting for it, for a simple job like that it worked without problems.

After the computer video is time to edit, my dear KDEnLive has no Windows version

So I had to look for alternatives.

After you get used to it, it's hard to leave

It was an intense search, searching the god a little Google I found many answers involving famous software like Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere and Camtasia Studio, all of them paid, so I thought of searching for alternative software with good features, the best I found was VideoPad on Baixaki's website (and look that I had not downloaded anything there for a while), although I was careful to mark the option to download without the installer of the site because otherwise other programs and advertisements would be downloaded along with the software.

Unfortunately VideoPad did not satisfy me and Windows Movie Maker very basic, there is no software as good and with advanced features as KDEnLive that is free for Windows, so once again to know the program a little downloaded pirated version (portable na true) of Camtasia Studio 8.

This is really fabulous software, if it had Linux version I would certainly use it, sorry for the piracy, but I'm frank, it was the only way I found to do my job, I could buy a license, could, but as there Linux version I would not make use of it for more than a week, so it does not pay, do not crucify me.

After editing the video it was time to do the thumbnail, I have a lot of intimacy with Photoshop but I confess I missed the GIMP so I installed it and did my work with it, without much delay I also installed Inkscape because I feel more comfortable doing the works on them, even more productive I'd say.


So far I had no problems, had only inconveniences and a matter of taste and custom for applications, but soon had a problem.

A friend of mine ran out of his Galaxy Y's operating system and asked me for help, so I searched the internet for his Smartphone's official ROM and downloaded it, the next step was to put his MicroSD into an adapter and put it in the notebook to pass the ROM to the even to "flash" her on the Galaxy; To my surprise the card adapter was not recognized by Windows and it was a great delivery to make it work, it was a driver hunt that lasted almost 3 hours, I used Slim Drivers a very good program for this purpose, but the same in solved my problem, I went to the manufacturer's website (Acer) to download said driver and it still didn't work …

After a long time I was about to make a barbarity

But to our delight (mine and my friend's and also my health) I found a link to a driver in the Hardware Guide, which driver I don't know where it came from but it finally worked and I was able to adjust my friend's Smartphone .

Ubuntu comes back to me

In a few hours the piece I ordered should arrive and I will be able to use my notebook with Ubuntu normally, but I can say that this experience was very valid, after all turning Windows user for a week made me see things I did not know, or did not even realize. use Linux.

What really differentiates Windows on Linux (Ubuntu) is the variety of programs, that fact, but that doesn't mean that variety is useful, of all the many free video editors that exist as good as KDEnLive, of course not. Unless you pay for it, Windows as a whole ecosystem relies heavily on piracy, if it wasn't for it these programs wouldn't be so famous and widespread, after all everyone who can afford a combo of these Windows + Office + Camtasia Studio + Photoshop + Corel, which would be the feature programs I need.

In terms of the system productivity is a little lacking in custom, especially with Windows 8, operating system is really a usual thing, it's hard to switch from one to the other, and if you don't have the money to invest in a worthless system What costs Linux is a great solution and you don't have to pay anything for it and most of its software.

Being honest seems to be a shame in the middle of Windows, after all these people who often bump up to say that Windows 7 wonders the world, how many of them use original Windows, Office Original, play original games, capture Fraps with the program license, they edit with a Sony Vegas Original.

Take out Windows piracy and it's lost.

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