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Jellyfish: New Rootkit May Also Affect Linux

A new kind of Rootkit designed to attack through hardware can also affect systems using Linux.

Rootkit Jellyfish

Not even Linux is saved for now

I will try to synthesize the case so that you understand how it works and where it applies this Rootkit, maybe the first thing to do is just explain what a Rootkit.

a RootKit It is a computer program that is most often used maliciously capable of intercepting data and is hidden behind other "innocent" system processes.

Rootkit on Linux A group of researchers created the Jellyfish, a Rootkit that uses technology OpenCL, used on video cards from Intel, AMD and Nvidia, they made available the Rootkit on GitHub, apparently the goal is to study this vulnerability and correct it.

OpenCL is used in many different technologies such as the CUDA Colors of Nvidia cards, it is also used in Windows and Mac OSX in addition to Linux, ie all systems are at risk.

How does it work

First of all you need to have a driver with OpenCL technology installed on your system, Jellyfish is hidden in the GPU of your video card and still there even restarting the computer.

Jellyfish's access to information is made with resource designed for processing video cards called DMA (direct memory access), this allows direct access to data that is in main memory without going through the CPU, which would make it difficult to detect.

Don't worry so much

Virus on Linux is such a rare thing that when it comes to the news, it has received special attention because it uses hardware to access information, ie not exactly the operating system is to blame.

However, if there is a community where corrections happen quickly the Linux community, especially with his code for free access, it is noteworthy that what should be initially fixed OpenCL technology (Do not confuse with OpenGL!) And this is the main burden GPU manufacturers.

If you have questions about this Linux virus issue recommended that you read this text where we clarify all the main myths on the subject.

See you next time!

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