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IPhone 7: New Rumor Points to 14% Higher Battery Than 6s

C we are with more possible news of what will be the next iPhone and, for the sake of convenience, we will call until the second order ?IPhone 7? though I will not set my hand on the fire about this nomenclature.

This time, @OnLeaks, which has a remarkable track record of ?hitting? rumors, revealed that Apple's next-born son comes with a bigger battery than his predecessor. According to a ?very reliable (not 100% but almost)? source, as the vehicle itself says, the ?iPhone 7? has a battery inside. 1,960mAhagainst the iPhone 6s' 1.715mAh, representing an increase of approximately 14%.

Although it does not seem like a considerable gain, it is worth remembering that in the transition from iPhone 6 to 6s, the smartphone is indeed lost power capacity, dropping from 1,810mAh to the aforementioned 1,715mAh in the current model, with no noticeable loss in battery life. That is, a more capable battery, coupled with potential system improvements in the field of energy efficiency and conservation that always happen, can bring much-awaited good news regarding the criticized iPhone longevity.

If this will all materialize, and if so, if this change will bring practical benefits to users, we will still wait a few months before finding out.

(via AppleInsider)