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BeeBest Smart Walkie Talkie by Xiaomi More Than Just a Walkie Talkie

A device that has never fallen into popular taste until today, no doubt, the walkie talkie. Because of its limited two-way communication capability, it has always been regarded as a communication tool for a specific purpose.

The famous Chinese smartphone brand, Xiaomi, a crowdfunding for a walkie talkie has begun today that could change this scenario. O BeeBest Smart Walkie Talkie has features that make it quite different and who knows attractive for the general public. THE BeeBest It is a well-known brand with respect to the manufacture of sophisticated walkie talkies.

Xiaomi launched the MIJIA Walkie Talkie first in China in 2017 and the product was well received. It turned out that the product was manufactured by BeeBest and was later released to the global market as BeeBest Walkie Talkie July 2019. The MIJIA Walkie Talkie 1S was launched in 2018 and the MIJIA Walkie Talkie 2 in April 2019.

O BeeBest Smart Walkie Talkie quite compact for a conventional walkie talkie, which guarantees you the appearance of a mobile phone, if not for the large front speaker and its thickness. In addition, it uses internal antenna.

In addition to traditional walkie talkie communication that can operate within a range of up to 5000 KmIt has WiFi, Bluetooth and 4G network support through a SIM card. The device also allows pairing with the virtual assistant Xiao AI.

Beebest Smart Walkie Talkie

With it it is possible the group communication between several devices at the same time and the individual communication with total security. There is a dedicated button to enable the intercom function, which can also be used to get weather information, listen to music and news.

Beebest Smart Walkie Talkie

The Xiaomi BeeBest Smart Walkie Talkie has a Built-in GPS, with passive hybrid positioning and SOS function with the possibility of sending the location to mobile phones in case of emergency. Your drums 2440 mAh can last at 60 hours. To carry it, he has a door USB-C, which allows for fast loading.

Beebest Smart Walkie Talkie

The walkie talkie has a color IPS screen 2 inch. Even outdoors, the screen has a good definition. It displays information such as time, battery level and connected groups. The volume controls are located on the right side of the screen.

Beebest Smart Walkie Talkie

The device has a degree of IP54 protection, which gives you protection from water and dust, dedicated smart assistant button and vibration mode if you are silent. O BeeBest Smart Walkie Talkie It has two color options: black or white, being sold by 399 yuan ($ 57).

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