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Apple wants to take its films to the Oscars; “Thor: Ragnarok” director will lead series

We are less than two weeks away from the event that (apparently) officially reveals the original movie and series platform from Apple. Expectations for Ma's entry into a completely untapped segment are high as are the ambitions of Cupertino's own giant.

Take for example this article published today by Bloomberg: According to sources close to the subject, Apple is hiring a number of "awards strategists" that is, professionals who specialize in campaigning and organizing film and series screenings for critics and influential people in the environment. The intention, of course, is to take Ma to the top Hollywood awards, be it the Oscar (in the case of movies) or the Emmy (series).

Well-known industry figures are being herded by Apple: Apple has already hired a very seasoned professional who has spent the last few years on the Walt Disney Company television division. The idea now is to find a specialist who oversees the entire process.

Apple's idea, according to sources, to be at the Emmy by 2020, which would certainly help attract even more prestige to its platform and make it easier to hire even more Hollywood medals for roles in front of and behind the cameras.

In a related note, the same report corroborates previously speculated information that Apple would offer part of its original content free of charge, while another portion would be made available only through a monthly subscription, of undisclosed value.

Taika Waititi

Speaking of medals, one of them recently signed a deal with Apple. Taika Waititi, director of ?Thor: Ragnarok,? is considered one of the most promising names in the comedy today, directing ?Time Bandits? series that adapts the 1981 homonymous movie we talked about here.

Taika Waititi

The information is from The wrap and could not be more appropriate: the nutty tone and non-sense Terry Gilliam's original film is very close to Waititi's style. As we have already commented, the series revolves around an 11-year-old boy who, with the help of six time-traveling dwarfs, strolls through the ages of mankind and encounters a host of historical figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte and Robin Hood.

Waititi will write and direct the series pilot, as well as acting executive producer with Dan Halsted and Terry Gilliam himself. Promising, isn't it?

RTL Group

Meanwhile, Ma is approaching other media giants to expand its empire inside and outside the United States. Recently, RTL Group largest production and transmission company in Europe revealed to be in discussion with streaming, like Ma, for possible partnerships. The information is from deadline.

RTL the company me from Fremantle, producer behind some of the most successful reality shows of the last decades, such as American Idol and America's Got Talent. Despite this, there is no indication that these brands would transfer to Apple's service, probably a deal from Ma with RTL would involve only original productions, especially fictional ones.

There is still no more information about this possible partnership, but we will be watching.


Finally, as reported by the Hollywood Reporter, Apple gave the go-ahead for the first season's eight-episode production of Pachinko, series based on the homonymous book by Min Jin Lee that we already talked about here.

Pachinko, Min Jin Lee novel to be adapted in series by Apple

The series is described as a generational peak that tells the story of four generations of a South Korean family who emigrates to Japan, moving between the largest universities and the country's criminal underworld. Min Jin Lee serves as executive producer, and producer Soo Hugh serves as lead writer and showrunner.

There is no information yet on the release date of Pachinko.