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Apple supplier launches Lightning headset development kit; supposed to render earpods with the connector appear on the web

My friends, my friends, each day solidifies more and more the certainty that will begin Apple's crusade for death of traditional 3.5mm connector. It starts, of course, with the supposed "iPhone 7", which smooths the connection in favor of a slimmer (unnecessarily?) Body and a digital audio connection through the Lightning port.

Allow me a brief addendum: The verge Yesterday you published an article including a very interesting chart showing basically the life span of a number of technologies that began to disappear after Apple excluded them from its products. Very worth checking out. ?

Today's news further confirms these rumors: Apple supplier Cirrus Logic has announced a new MFi Headset Development Kit (Made For iPhone), which aims to help manufacturers more quickly and safely develop Lightning-based audio accessories. The kit includes a number of guidelines and references related to the design, features and features of these upcoming accessories, as well as possible iOS apps that accompany them.

Cirrus Logic MFi Headset Development Kit

The MFi Headset Development Kit demonstrates the advantages of Lightning-connected devices over traditional analogue headsets. For example, the digital connection to a DAC and high performance drivers provides high fidelity audio to the headphone speakers. In addition, Lightning-connected accessories can interact with iOS apps to create a custom audio experience, with unique equalizer adjustments, for example.

The kit can be obtained by all those enrolled in the MFi program.

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In line with the subject, there were Weibo (Chinese Twitter always him!) some renders of what may be the EarPods with Lightning that would come along with the infamous "iPhone 7".

Render of EarPods with Lightning Connector

It is very likely that the designs are not true, especially considering the large size of the connector, yes, could be a proper DAC for the headphones, but in this case Apple would be basically killing the whole huge market of cases and covers for their phones. Anyway, d to get a good idea of ??what awaits us.

That, of course, if Ma goes this way. Other alternatives already speculated would be that the "iPhone 7" would come with traditional 3.5mm EarPods and an adapter; or the cool one, which speculates some of these "AirPods", which would be totally wireless headsets in Dash's footprint. MacMagazine on Air From this week).

What lies ahead for us, however, is still a few good, long months to discover.

(via 9to5Mac, AppleInsider)

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