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'IPhone 7' Rumors Turnaround: Apple would have ruled out three models

The drums drum. If no catastrophe happens by then, it seems that we are less than a month from ?IPhone 7?And if Apple's latest releases are any sign, the rumors and leaks machine goes out of business from now on.

The latest speculation news spills down one of the few things close to certainty that we had about the next generation of Apple smartphones: the Japanese newspaper Nikkei, citing sources close to the subject, reported today that Ma would discarded the idea of ??launching three new models iPhone in September.

Alleged models of

To recap: the prevailing rumor so far would be that Apple would launch a 4.7-inch model (the "iPhone 7", say) and two 5.5 "models (the" iPhone 7 Plus "and the" iPhone 7 Pro"). The first two would be virtually equal in every respect except, of course, for size; Already the latter would come with some differentials, such as a dual camera system and Smart Connector, for a higher price by the way, the MacMagazine on Air # 194, which come out later today, bring up an interesting discussion about this supposed "iPhone 7 Pro". Wait!

Now, theoretically less than a month from the launch, Apple would have decided to kill the middle model. That is, there is supposed to be only a 5.5 inch model (probably keeping the current ?Plus? nomenclature), and it has all the extra features that have been speculated in recent times.

That's pretty good, but the question is how the market would react to this movement: one of the great appeals of the last two generations of iPhone, after all, is the existence of two basically identical models in terms of features, allowing the user to choose the most appropriate size for the iPhone. yourself.

Still, Apple's supposed move on time seems to have no other motive but the market itself: Falling sales of its flagship product have encouraged Cupertino executives to stick to a simpler line, the paper says. A source heard by them still adds:

It had never happened. Prior to this year, Apple never made changes to the iPhone line just months before the release. It has been a volatile year for Apple.

The article from Nikkei It also briefly talks about the 2017 iPhone, speculated as one that effectively brings many good news to the smartphone. They corroborate some previously aired rumors, such as the glass housing with an end-to-end OLED display and wireless charging.

Let's wait.

(via Cult of Mac)

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