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Apple Secures “AirPower” Trademark Rights

As you may have seen, Apple updated some of its products and launched new devices this week, including the second generation of AirPods and its wireless charging case, which raised expectations around the infamous launch. Airpower.

Nearly (or not) about to launch its wireless charging base, the fact that a problem with ?AirPower? trademark registration has given Apple a headache in recent months, as another company had applied for commercial rights. about the name of the expected accessory from Apple.

More precisely, Apple tried to register the ?AirPower? trademark in the middle of last year, but found that a company called Advanced Access Technologies had already filed the same application, which was provisionally granted last December by the US Patent and Trademark Office. United (United States Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO).

However, before a trademark is officially granted, the USPTO analyzes the arguments of other companies that believe that trademark may cause confusion with an existing product. And that is exactly what Apple did. While not citing AirPower itself in its argument, it claimed that this brand name could interfere with names of some of its products, such as AirPlay, AirPort, AirPods, and AirPrint.

After months of trying to prevent Advanced Access Technologies from gaining the AirPower trademark rights, Apple allegedly dropped the objection to the company's trademark grant and the dispute was settled. Now, Ma is back in the case but not to fight the other company, but to buy the trademark rights!

After all this confusion, you may be wondering what has been resolved. Here we go: Advanced Access Technologies is still the owner of the trademark, but Apple's negotiating attorney Thomas Perle is also cited in the record, which is very strong evidence that Apple may be the new trademark holder.

As we said, this acquisition process takes place amid new rumors and even more hints that suggest the imminent launch of AirPower. Today, a new image of the accessory was found in the bowels of the Ma page's source code, after all public references to the device have disappeared.

via MacRumors