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Apple encourages developers to authenticate their Mac apps

Mac users are certainly familiar with the feature. Gatekeeper, introduced in OS X Lion in 2011 as a way to make it safer to download or purchase apps outside the Mac App Store. Enabled by default, it blocks the installation of apps that are not electronically signed by an Apple-registered developer; As a result, your chance of placing malicious software on your computer is dramatically reduced.

How macOS Mojave, Apple began to deepen the appeal further. The company began to verify third-party applications on its own, embedding a authentication whereas for the time being optional, but that in a future version of macOS, it will be mandatory, that is, in the future, it is not enough to sign your application with your developer account for it to go through Gatekeeper; It will have to be verified and authenticated by Apple itself for this.

Gatekeeper dialog box in macOS MojaveNew Gatekeeper dialog box in macOS Mojave for authenticated apps

Ma is encouraging developers to submit their apps for authentication right away, to prevent their installation from being blocked even temporarily when the new feature becomes mandatory. Moreover, while the process is optional for now, it already has benefits for developers and users: when an app is authenticated by Ma, it generates in Mojave a special, simpler dialog box, indicating that it is a free app. malware.

As the company says in a note to developers:

MacOS Mojave has arrived. It gives Mac users even more confidence in their software distributed outside the Mac App Store by sending it to Apple for authentication. When users open an authenticated app, installation package, or disk image for the first time, they will see a simplified Gatekeeper dialog box and have confidence that this is not a case. malware known.

Download Xcode 10 and submit your app today. In a future release of macOS, Gatekeeper will require software signed with developer accounts to be authenticated by Apple.

Remember that this process only refers to apps distributed outside the Mac App Store who already makes or sells their apps inside the Ma store need not worry, as it already goes through all the approval processes that have existed forever.

Similarly, it is worth noting that the new feature, when it becomes mandatory, does not necessarily prevent users from installing unauthenticated applications; for this, however, they must disable Gatekeeper.

via iDownloadBlog

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