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Vivo also announces Dual SIM support on iPhones [atualizado]

Busy week for two of the major Brazilian mobile operators.

First, Claro launched eSIM support for iPhones (making it possible to use two chips / numbers on one device) and other smartphones, after months as the only Brazilian carrier that worked with Apple Watches eSIM.

Then the Alive Finally, it also supported Apple Watch eSIM through its new Vivo Sync service. And now the operator is announcing that it will also expand its technology portfolio Yes it is for smartphones like XS iPhones, XS Max and XR.

In a statement recently sent to the press, Vivo said customers can now go to any of the more than 290 selected stores in Brazil to apply for eSIM on their smartphones.

Dual SIM iPhone Control Center (two chips)

?ESIM is the new standard for SIM Card promoted by GSMA, small in size, integrated into devices and no removability. This new technology the future of SIM cards And Vivo, the leader of the mobile phone market in Brazil, encourages the use of new technologies that bring benefits to the customer, bringing greater security and convenience to the activation of their handset, ?said the operator in the statement.

Since eSIM is a mere replacement for the physical chip, a priori there is no limitation of plans that can be contracted for use with them. Claro had already announced that its e-Chip could be enabled in prepaid, postpaid or control plans; O MacMagazine You have already contacted Vivo to confirm that the same business policy applies to it.

It seems that the future of chips has come to Brazil with everything. ??

Update 4/1/2019 6:25 PM

Consulted by MacMagazine, Vivo stated:

At this stage, eSIM qualification at Vivo is available for all types of plans (postpaid, prepaid, control and Vivo Easy) for individual customers.

That is, no one is required to hire a postpaid plan for it.

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