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Samsung announces worldwide recall of Galaxy Note7 after battery problems

O Galaxy Note7 It was released two weeks ago, has received a spate of absolutely enthusiastic reviews (even slower than the iPhone 6s) and has been selling very well, thanks to those who estimate about 1 million units shipped in the period. In short, the sea is totally in favor of Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Note7

Or rather, maybe not quite that way. After a week of controversy over the battery of its new, famous phablet smartphone, South Korea has confirmed today that it will make a recall Note7 to stop the problems of overheating and exploding devices for no apparent reason.

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung, in a statement, said the malfunction is caused by a small number of batteries with a power cell problem. Only 35 handsets around the world have been hit with the problem so far, but to avoid future headaches, the company will replace * all * units sold with new ones in the coming weeks.

The sale of the Note7 has also been temporarily suspended as the manufacturer looks into the problem more widely and the launch of the device in markets where it has not yet landed (such as Brazil) has been postponed.

Just bad news for Samsung, which has been in an impressive resumption since the launch of the Galaxy S7 after a disappointing 2015 especially considering the heavy competition that awaits it in a mere five days.

(via Recode)