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iOS 12.2 brings images of the new fully wireless Powerbeats Pro [atualizado]

Last week there was a rumor that Apple's subsidiary, Beats, would be releasing a completely new wireless version of its Powerbeats headphones. Now the rumor has just assumed the status of ?imminent confirmation?: developer Guilherme Rambo of 9to5Mac, discovered official images and animations of the future accessory in the bowels of the newly released iOS 12.2.

Official Image of Powerbeats Pro, Beats New Wireless Headphones

From the filenames discovered by Rambo, it seems that the new handset will be called Powerbeats Pro. The design of the product itself seems to remain unchanged from the current generation, with the wing to the ear and all the only difference is, of course, the disappearance of the wire that joins the two pieces. The recharging case, in turn, has a shape that resembles the case of AirPods, but with a horizontal opening.

No more details about the headphones, such as battery life (their own and case) and other technical specifications, the sources heard last week, however, indicated that the Powerbeats Pro will have the same H1 chip as the new AirPods, with the command ? And Siri, ?improved connectivity and reduced battery usage. It is doubtful if the case supports wireless charging and the (still) coming AirPower, like the new AirPods.

One thing is certain: if official product images are already on iOS 12.2, we are likely to have an official announcement very soon. It seems to be a great choice for those who were dreaming of new black AirPods, for example.

Official Image of Powerbeats Pro, Beats New Wireless Headphones

Who cheered up?

Update 3/25/2019 19:20

Guilherme Rambo took a closer look at the Powerbeats Pro iOS 12.2 codes and hit the hammer: yes, the headphones will bring support for the ?Hey Siri? command. There is even a dedicated interface in the new version of the system specially prepared for the user to train the command and activate the handset without difficulties.