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How to install Cinema 4D R16 on Linux

Today we will teach you how to install Cinema 4D visual production and modeling software on Ubuntu Linux (and any other distribution) using Wine and PlayOnLinux.

Cinema 4D on Linux

Tutorial: How to install Cinema 4D on Linux

Let's take the request of some readers now who like Cinema 4D and would like to use the software on Linux, even though it doesn't have a native version. It is possible to run Cinema 4D on Ubuntu and any other distro using PlayOnLinux and Wine, including, it has a great rating on WineHQ, rated "Platinum", which means it runs perfectly. Installation should be done for PlayOnLinux, we will give you the basic tips, but if you want to learn more about how to use it it might be interesting to check out our video tutorial of "How to run Windows programs and games on Linux"before.

Only two versions do not run very well for Wine, the R17 and R12, all the others work without major problems, in this tutorial I am using the R16 version.

How to install

Open PlayOnLinux and click on the "tools >> manage wine versions"

4D Linux Cinema

Install the 1.7.52-staging 64-bit version of Wine as in the example, after which you can close this window.

In the main window of PlayOnLinux Cliquer under "Install"and then on"Install a program in the listed"

4D Linux Cinema 4D Linux Cinema

In the next screen click "Advance"

4D Linux Cinema

Select the option to install the program on a new virtual drive. Click in "Advance"

4D Linux Cinema

In the next screen you should choose the name of your unit, as a suggestion is put as "CINEMA4D". Click in "Advance"

4D Linux Cinema

In this session check the "Use another version of Wine"and click"Advance"

4D Linux Cinema

Select here the version of Wine you have installed. Click in "Advance"

4D Linux Cinema

At the next session select "64 bit windows installation" and click "Advance"

4D Linux Cinema On the next screen when clicking "Browse" you should select the Cinema 4D .exe installer, whether it is on a CD or a file on your computer as an ISO, if it is on an ISO you must mount it first, for this you can use the Furius Mount ISO, that a program similar to Daemon tools, or, in the case of Ubuntu, right-click on the ISO, go to "open with" and select "Disk Image Mounter", should appear mounted on the left side of your file manager. 4D Linux Cinema

Once you have selected Cinema 4D .exe installer click "Advance"and the normal program installer should open, from then on the normal installation, as in Windows.

Cinema 4D on Linux

At the end of the process you will be able to create a shortcut for Cinema 4D to make it easier to open the program by selecting the executable. CINEMA 4D.exe and advance.

Cinema 4D on Linux

You can create shortcuts to other programs that come bundled with Cinema 4D, such as the render server, but if it is not in your best interest, you can simply check not to create more shortcuts and advance to complete the installation.

Cinema 4D on Linux

After that when opening PlayOnLinux you will have the shortcut to the program.

4D Linux Cinema

To open the program just double click it, click once and click "Run" in the panel just above, or double click on the icon that was created on the desktop.

Enjoy, see you next time!

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