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Autel EVO 2 – Super drones featured with 8K camera, 360 degree sensors and 40 minutes of flight

THE Autel Robotics launched its new Evo 2 drone line during the second day of CES 2020. The triplet of folding ships was presented as the best drones on the market and the company claims that it will "change the real game" from now on. With a minimum of very interesting spec combo, the drones feature from 8K cameras to thermal camera options. Below we will delve into these features:

Evo 2 Series – Outline

Faster and farther longer

The new Evo 2 line has three drone variants:

  • Evo 2;
  • Evo 2 Pro; and
  • Evo 2 Dual (in version with 320px and 640px camera).

To begin with, these ships have one of the best times of autonomy on the market – if not the best: at 40 minutes flight. They reach speeds of up to 72.5km / h (very close to Mavic 2) has a range of up to 9km away and 8 new flight modes. In addition, the Evo 2 features three new cameras and a new airframe.

Evo 2 brings the best autonomy time on the market: 40 minutes

They also feature a new sensor package, storage and omni-directional obstacle prevention system that promises to encompass 360. All gimbals are interchangeable, that is, you mount your drone as you see fit.

When it comes to sensors and lights, we have a very respectable combo: 12 computer vision sensors, 2 sonar sensors and 2 LED landing lights. Dual-core object detection recognizes up to 64 items at a time (including people, vehicles and animals).

For those who prefer to fly with autonomous resources, you can count on the Dynamic Track 2.0 patented by Autel. With it, the artificial intelligence system creates flight paths in real time.


Mavic Mini the sensation of the moment and Mavic 2 the dream of consumption

And to give you some assurance that your ship returns home, drones offer failsafe features which inform, for example, when the battery is low.

Cameras – 8K, 48MP, thermal images …

The set of cameras you will receive depends on the Evo 2 model you purchase, but all are quite impressive overall. The standard model (Evo 2) presents no less than one 8K camera that allows you to capture still images of 48 megapixels.

The Pro version is equipped with a 1-inch 6K sensor with an adjustable aperture from f / 2.8 to f / 11, a more versatile camera profile.

Finally, the Dual variant comes with the same 8K camera mentioned above, but also features a FLIR Boson sensor – is it possible record with both simultaneously. Besides, she can also record thermal images resolution up to 640×512 and frame refresh rate up to 30Hz on the best quality version.


All models in the Evo 2 line offer 8GB internal storage for catches. This space can be expanded through SD cards up to 256GB.

EVO 2 drones are still in the production process and are not available and priced. However, they even put a lot of pressure on the market when Autel claims it created "the most advanced and powerful drone system in the world". New information is likely to arrive soon, and it will be interesting to see what other companies in the industry (especially DJI) will have to compete with Evo 2 super drones.

Youtuber FlyPath has already put his hands on the drones, see the video below:

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