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Apple expected to launch new iMacs, MacBooks Air / Pro and a 5K monitor in October

It seems that the next Apple event will even be focused on the iPhone and possibly Apple Watch. Why am I saying this? According to Mark Gurman, the boy with great sources inside Apple (formerly9to5Mac and now, Bloomberg), the company is planning launch new Macs in October. Yes, Macs (plural)!

Sources inside Ma would have said that soon we will see not only new MacBooks Air, but iMacs, a 5K resolution display (in collaboration with LG to replace the discontinued Thunderbolt Display) and the long-awaited redesign of the MacBook Pro.

Still according to the subject, the new MacBooks Air will come with USB-C ports probably Apple still betting on the line because of the high price of the MacBook and the iMacs, with graphics chips from AMD. But the big star would really be the MacBook Pro, which also comes with USB-C ports, is thinner, has a thinner keyboard (who knows like the Magic Keyboard) and a display / screen that sits above the keyboard (internally called the Dynamic Function Row, something like ?Dynamic Function Row?) which, according to sources, will greatly assist in performing everyday tasks in the foreground app (currently used).

That is, if you are viewing the Table (Desktop), the controls will be the ones we have today on the keyboard; If we switch to Safari, we have buttons that help you search, define words, etc .; switching to iTunes, for example, will have playback / volume controls; and so on.

While it's no news that references to this new screen above the keyboard have even been found in the macOS Sierra codes, Apple's new operating system that is currently undergoing testing is a ?confirmation? of a person with good sources within the company. -coming. ?

And the iPads?

Anyone looking forward to the iPad lineup can get the horse out of the rain.

According to the industry, new hardware (with a 10.5-inch screen instead of the current 9.7 ? screen and technology that would make Apple Pencil response and gestures even faster) will only arrive in 2017.

Even so, some software upgrades programmed by Ma will also be coming next year (perhaps the first quarter), such as expanded system support for the pencil which will allow the user to make notes, interact with various native apps that today are only renegades like Safari, Mail, Messaging, etc.

Will we have an event in October for the arrival of the new Macs?

(via 9to5Mac)