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Apple Card could reach more countries; details of the service are disclosed

After nearly a year of speculating about Apple's partnership with US bank Goldman Sachs yesterday, during the special event, we were finally able to follow these rumors into the form of a new Ma credit card: the Apple card.

In addition to a credit card, the Apple Card leverages Ma's mobile payments service, Apple Pay, to a new level. Like many virtual cards available today, Ma's news includes all the facilities for the user to manage their financial life directly from the iPhone or Apple Watch.

Amid the news offered by the Apple Card, the Cupertino giant has highlighted some features that will be available exclusively for your credit card, including the option to transfer money to someone else from Apple cash, formerly known as "Apple Pay Cash". The change in name was announced shortly by Apple Pay VP Jennifer Bailey during yesterday's presentation.

As for sending money from Apple Cash, it allowed one user to send money to another, even if they didn't have enough balance on the app, using the limit of a credit card linked to Apple Pay. After yesterday's announcement, this option will only be available to Apple Card customers.

In addition, Ma announced that there will be a new option for instant transfers. With it, the user can send Apple Cash balance money within minutes to an eligible Visa debit card in the Wallet app. For this transaction, however, users will be charged a fee ranging from $ 0.25 to $ 10.00, depending on the total amount of the transfer.

As you can see, not everything around the Apple Card is free of charge. Ma informs between the lines of the card page, inclusive, that its effective annual rate varies between 13.24% and 24.24% based on the credit analysis of the user. That is, the larger the score, the lower the interest rate charged for late payments or installment payments.

In addition to one of the lowest annual fees on the market, the Apple Card has no monthly charge and also offers a cashback purchases made with the physical card (1% of the purchase price), Apple Pay (2%) and purchases of Apple products and services (3%).

Speaking of physical card, unlike Apple Pay's proposal to make payment peer-to-peer (P2P) through the iPhone or Apple Watch, the titanium-produced physical version of the Apple Card cannot be used for payments. contactless in stores that don't accept Apple Pay (or in any situation, basically). The information has been confirmed by a Mastercard spokesman which makes sense, after all, to use the card this way, it is better to use Apple Pay. ?

As we report, the news will be available from mid-year in the United States, initially; However, considering that Apple Pay is constantly expanding, the possibility of the Apple Card reaching new regions is not unthinkable. In fact, Goldman Sachs International CEO Richard Gnodde has confirmed that companies are intending to take the card to other countries.

With this product (Apple Card), we will start in the US, but over time, we will surely think of international opportunities for this. We will release it during the summer and we think it will spread quickly.

But you better get your little horse out of the rain if you expect the news to arrive here in Brazil soon. According to Gnodde, the next big market to win the Apple Card will be Europe, with Germany and the United Kingdom among the top of the line, say, less bureaucratic.

While the foreigners support themselves with Ma's brand new credit card, many of us just want Apple Pay to reach even more places and institutions on Tupiniquin lands. Does that ask a lot?

via MacRumors, Mashable, Cult of Mac, CNBC