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What's better? A $ 10k PC or a $ 10k Mac?

One thing that asks me a lot about my opinion about Apple products, especially Macs and the iPhone, well, I will try to give my opinion here on a subject combined with an interesting curiosity, a comparison between machines of a similar estimated value.

10k PC and Mac

That Apple's phones are quality is no doubt in my mind, but that doesn't mean they are always superior as many people say. Let's now see a comparative video, just two workstations for audiovisual production, both computers cost around $ 10,000, looking at the settings of each machine (at the end of the video) we can even see that technically speaking some parts of the PC are superior, good, check out the video and then we continue 🙂

As you can see, the PC did better after all. We can see that the same purchasing power can bring different results in this case. Does that mean this bad Mac? Of course not! This means that it is less good, especially in its cost benefit.

Cost / Benefit

This is where it weighs against Apple, especially in the Brazilian market where a Macbook can easily cost more than 10,000 reais on models not so extreme. The same goes for iPhones, they are good devices, in fact, but they are not worth what they cost.

If you have the opportunity to buy a Mac, it will be a good computer, regardless of what operating system you are going to use on it, but if you are not the type who has money left it will not really be a good option, and among us, even if I had money left I would not pay 12 thousand reais on a Macbook PRO, believe me, you can do much with that value on a PC.

How to have a fast machine spending less?

Oh! Here's the magic everyone wants. When you use Linux there are several system and interface optimizations that can be done with the intention of reducing memory, processor and system agility, however, assuming you don't want to use Linux (or in this case whatever) ), invest your money in an SSD.

No doubt having a good set of hardware, a good processor, a good amount of memory, a decent video card will all make it different, but really the biggest "bottleneck" of today's machines and the data transfer rate of the hard drives, set aside a small portion of what you would spend on a Mac and put an SSD on your computer, feel the difference.

What about, do you prefer PC or Mac? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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