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What is a refurbished Apple product, what are the advantages and how to buy?

Although things are getting better here in Brazil (with the ?stabilization? of the dollar, some price drops), buying an Apple product in our country is not easy. Therefore, many end up taking the opportunity of a trip or a family / friend to buy abroad and save a lot.

But did you know that even buying out there is still a way to buy Apple products at a good discount? Well then I present you the products remanufactured (better known as refurbished or, in English, refurbished) from Apple.

Do you know what this is? According to the dictionary, a remanufactured product is one that undergoes disassembly, cleaning, and repair / replacement of components for subsequent reassembly and testing (to return to market).

Apple Certified Refurbished

Mac family

Often, we are wary of buying quality refurbished electronic products in the corporate control program (some cosmetic defective products, for example, could go smoothly and go on sale normally). In the case of Apple, however, the company states with all the letters that this is not the case.

According to Apple, all remanufactured products undergo complete testing (including burn in); Upon discovering a fault, the part in question is properly identified and replaced with a new one; After that, new tests are done and, if all is right, the product carefully cleaned, inspected and repackaged (including appropriate manuals, cables, new boxes, etc.).

All products include the operating software originally shipped with the unit, earn a new part number and serial number. After this, the product is placed in a final QA inspection (quality assurance, quality assurance) and then added to stock for sale. Still according to Apple, the remodeling procedures follow the same basic technical guidelines as new products sold in stores.

To sum up, imagine the following scenario: You just bought a new MacBook, and when you get home, you notice that the notebook screen has a completely burned-out row of pixels. What do you do Go back to the Apple store and exchange the MacBook for a new one, of course. But what does Apple do with this brand new defective MacBook? what comes on the market refurbished from Ma. She takes this product, does the tests mentioned above, exchanges the defective part and puts the MacBook back on sale. The difference is that, since it is not a new product but remanufactured, it offers a good discount on it.

How and why to buy?

These refurbished products are sold through the company's online store; In Brazil, although there is a dedicated page selling these products, I have never particularly seen anything being offered on it. Already on the American page offers are abundant, with varying discounts (currently 11% to 38%). And given that we are talking about the price in dollars, the final value of the product can be very interesting!

When purchasing a remanufactured product, you have two options: 1. Have the product delivered at any address of your choice; or 2. choose the option to pick you up from a store (which makes things a lot easier for those who are traveling and don't want to worry about hotel deliveries, for example). These products, however, are in Apple-specific inventory, so you cannot pick them up at a particular store on the day of purchase. It is necessary to plan and purchase the product in advance to allow time for it to be shipped to the store in question (usually about three days).

As it is the most common destination among Brazilians, I used the example of the American online store. But it is interesting to know that Apple sells remanufactured products in several countries. They are: Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, South Korea, Spain, United States, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Singapore, Switzerland and Taiwan.


These offers obviously vary greatly according to what Apple receives (returns) from customers. Hardly you see freshly launched products selling on the refurbished page they usually begin to be offered by Apple after a few months. It's also common, too, to see current product generations being marketed alongside older, past-generation products (so it's good to be aware to see if you're really choosing the product you want).

Available Products

iPhone 6s with Apple Watch Sport in Rose Gold

If you're looking for remanufactured iPhones or Apple Watches, you won't find it. At least not officially, being marketed by Apple we will talk more about it in another article. Refurbished only includes Macs and accessories, iPads, iPods and Apple TVs.

Packing & Warranty

It is worth noting that the box of remanufactured products is different from the traditional ones that accompany new products. They are usually all white, with the product name and seal. Apple Certified Refurbished. Apart from that, however, we are practically talking about a new product with a one year warranty and, if you wanted to, you can still get the Apple Extended Warranty (AppleCare) normally.

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You may not even trust the company word and get a little suspicious, but believe me: if you find the product with the features you want and it has an interesting discount, you can buy without fear! I speak to the property of those who already had a remanufactured Retina display MacBook Pro and had * no * trouble with the machine. ?

If any of your questions about remanufactured products have not been answered in the article, use and abuse the comments below!

(via MacRumors)

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