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In mourning for AirPower? Check out alternatives to the charger that went without ever being

There is no doubt that the Airpower Apple will be featured in Apple's Annals as one of the company's biggest takers not because of its technical inability to do so (better to cancel a failed product before its release than to put it on the market, after all), but because of Ma's arrogance in think you could beat the laws of physics with the technology currently available and advertise a product before any evidence of its viability.

Still, the untimely death of Ma's charger leaves us with no frills: no other option on the market offers the benefits that Apple theoretically promised. So, what is to be done right now is an overview of the alternatives that best meet the expectations of those just waiting for AirPower to pull the scorpion out of their pocket and invest in a good charger. wireless.

Let's go to them, therefore.


We are already talking about Belkin's BOOSTUP chargers, the most expensive of them, by the way, sold exclusively by Apple and the manufacturer itself, and remains one of the most accurate indications for anyone who wanted an AirPower quality product.

We have here the ability to charge an iPhone (which stands up, what a bonus) at 7.5W and an Apple Watch with the built-in magnetic charging module.

Belkin BOOSTUP Wireless Charging Dock

We also have a USB port on the back, which allows you to connect cables of various sorts and power a third device, like the case of your AirPods. Apple Watch Space BOOSTUP comes out for $ 150, but there are other, simpler models, starting from $ 50.


We have also talked about the Nomad Base Station Apple Watch Edition, which has a more elegant design and certainly will better integrate your furniture on the other hand, the iPhone here necessarily lies flat. The Anomad Base Station is made of leather and aluminum and can carry up to three wireless devices (Apple Watch in its own connector) on its triple coil base.

Nomad Base Station Wireless Charger Apple Watch Edition

Watch charger version comes out for $ 140, while the ?traditional? Base Station that does not have the charger for the watch, but in return brings USB-A and USB-C $ 100 on the Nomad website. Both bring several finishing options.


Here is another example of a charger already highlighted by us: ZENS accessories bring elegant design and various options to please all users. The most complete of these, the Dual + Watch Aluminum Wireless Charger, carries two devices on its base and an Apple Watch in the watch-specific space all at full power.

ZENS Multi Device Wireless Chargers

There is also a dual version without the Apple Watch charger and a single version for a single device. They leave, respectively, by 100, 80 and 50 on the manufacturer's website, which is based in the Netherlands.


Want an accessory that costs the AirPower and costs a few times less than the Apple charger would probably cost? Look no further: this Maluokasa copy is on Amazon for only $ 36.

Maluokasa Wireless Charger

The charger powers iPhone up to 7.5W (other smartphones can go beyond that); To charge your Apple Watch, however, you will need to dock the charger that came with the $ 36 clock that doesn't make magic, after all. The accessory also has a charge protection chip that disables its operation in case of very high temperatures.


For those who still want to keep AirPods in their original case for a while and don't mind carrying Apple Watch on its factory cable, a charger wireless Simple, just for the iPhone, can be a great option to save.

RavPower Wireless Charger

This RAVPower option is one of the most popular: it costs little ($ 35), has excellent construction, already comes with a USB cable and a wall adapter and charges your smartphone standing at full power.

RavPower Wireless Charger

For those who prefer to charge iPhone horizontally, the same RAVPower offers an even cheaper option: the ?flat? charger comes with $ 30, also on Amazon.


Here, we are talking about a loader that, at the same time, is sometimes an object of decoration and furniture. O NytStnd AirPods Trio It has some cards up its sleeve: First, the optional iPhone Wireless Charger if you have a model older than the iPhone 8 model, for example, you can order the Dock version with a Lightning connector.

NytStnd Wireless Charger

The part dedicated to charging AirPods only exists this way with a Lightning connector, which is a loss in usability but a big bonus if you choose the unloaded case. wireless. The Apple Watch section, in turn, requires you to plug in the charger that came in the watch case.

The accessory, which still has a compartment for coins and keys, comes out for $ 110 on the manufacturer's website. You can choose the colors and type of the wood finish of the loader, which is a great bonus.

Hard Cider Labs

Finally, an unknown: as we mentioned in your presentation post, the SliceCharge ProHard Cider Labs is still in the fundraising phase and, if successful, will be launched in May. If that happens, Apple may start to cry: The product basically delivers on what AirPower promised, with the ability to position its devices anywhere on the charging surface.

SliceCharge Pro, AirPower Competitive Multiple Charger

Only Apple Watch, with its proprietary charging technology, is not part of the party: to charge the watch, you need to fit a separate accessory (already included), which stands up which may even be interesting, as this way the Watch can be used in Nightstand.

Anyone interested in SliceCharge Pro can, for now, contribute to their Kickstarter campaign to receive a unit as soon as charger production starts at the moment, the minimum bid for it. $ 70.

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