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How to put YouTube videos in WhatsApp Status

Even though it's not exactly a social network, WhatsApp still allows its users to share little things with their contacts. This is usually done through the "Status" option, which works very similarly to Instagram Stories. It can be used to share photos, videos, GIFs, text and links, for example, for 24 hours. What a lot of people are curious about is how to put YouTube videos in WhatsApp Status.

The good news is that it is not difficult to share your favorite videos there. There are even two ways to do this. To learn how to put YouTube videos in WhatsApp Status, just check out our tips below!

How to put YouTube videos in WhatsApp Status

As we mentioned earlier, you can place YouTube videos in WhatsApp Status in two different ways. One way by posting the link and the other by placing the video directly in Status.

How to put YouTube videos in WhatsApp Status share

To post only the link, you need to go to YouTube on your smartphone, select the desired video and click the to share.

share on youtube

You will see the "WhatsApp" option in the list of applications in which the video can be shared. Then click on it to proceed.

This will open WhatsApp and show you your most recent contacts and conversations below. At the top, there will already be the ?My Status? option, so you can share the video directly over there.

How to put YouTube videos in WhatsApp Upload Status

By clicking on this option you will have to confirm the decision by selecting the green arrow at the bottom right of the screen.

How to Put YouTube Videos in WhatsApp Status Settings

This will take you to the status page and customize it any way you like. The only thing that can not change, of course, is the video link that is right in the middle of the screen.

share youtube video in status

Other than that, you can type anything you want, change the background color or image, add emojis, etc. When you're done, just click the green arrow to post the status to your contacts.

Downloading YouTube Videos to Post to WhatsApp Status

We know that not everyone will want to post only the link to their favorite YouTube videos on WhatsApp Status. This is where the second method comes in, which is to download the video and then post it on WhatsApp.

Fortunately, there are many websites that can help you download these videos, as YouTube does not offer this feature natively. If you want a good recommendation, just look at our list of the best sites to download YouTube videos via the link.

They can be used normally by your smartphone browser. Still, if you prefer, you can download the videos on your PC and then transfer them to your phone as well.

Remember that you can only post videos up to 30 seconds in WhatsApp Status. It's important to keep this in mind if you really want to download a video from YouTube, as you have to choose something short or just a snippet of it for posting.

However, when everything is ready, open WhatsApp, click on the Status tab and select the "My Status" option.

update your status

Choose the downloaded video from your gallery and you will see the message that only 30 seconds can be used.

youtube videos in whatsapp status

With that, you simply choose the snippet that will be used and posted. You just have to move the markers at the top of the screen to select what you want.

Then you can write something, add emojis, etc. When you're done, click the green button at the bottom right of the screen to post the video to your status.

cut video to whatsapp status

Quite simple, isn't it? You can do this with any YouTube video. Just have it 30 seconds or you edit the part you want to post for that maximum duration.

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Could you take advantage of our tutorial today to learn how to put YouTube videos in WhatsApp Status? So be sure to leave your comment telling us what you think and if you have any other tips to do this process.

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