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A10 Fusion processor on iPhones 7/7 Plus is more powerful than MacBook Air!

The chip A10 which equips iPhones 7 and 7 Plus is causing envy on many MacBooks out there. Blogger John Gruber of Daring fireball, compared yesterday the results of the processor Geekbench with those of other similar devices (such as the Galaxy S7, Note7 and Huawei P9) and demonstrated how ahead of the competition are the new iPhones at least in gross numbers, of course.

Geekbench 2016 Top Smartphone Scores Comparison

Not satisfied, Gruber went to research the scores of the MacBooks and came as a surprise: the A10 outperforms the performance of all MacBooks Air to date, both in single and multi-core measurement. Awesome, no ?!

According to him, the new iPhones compare in performance to a 2013 MacBook Pro which, coincidentally or not, is very close to the machine from which this text you are reading right now. In other words, I can feel the power in my hands.

Let's see what our friends Rafael Fischmann, Eduardo Marques and Breno Masi will have to say about this when they put their hands on the new processing crossbow, on our new device launch coverage. If Apple still has something for them, of course.

Just kidding. ?

(via 9to5Mac)

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