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Volkswagen app uses Siri to unlock car, control temperature and more

It's always a blast of fresh air when one of the automotive industry is one of the most conservative and least willing to embrace new technologies that weren't created indoors (except Tesla) embraces some recent technology that brings real benefits to their car owners. . And that's exactly what Volkswagen are doing.

German has been offering a service for some years now, in the United States and in various European countries, a service called VW Car-Net; It is an app (for iOS or Android) connected to your car that features features such as geolocating, temperature control, fuel / charge level and remote locking / unlocking / alarm triggering. The iOS app has now been updated with support for Siri Shortcuts.

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With the news, vehicle owners who subscribe to the service can obtain certain information or perform certain tasks simply by talking to the assistant. You can, for example, ask Siri to tell you how many miles the car still runs at its current fuel level or load, prompt the vehicle to beep and light up quickly to be found in a parking lot, unlock it and more. You can configure custom commands, too, to ask where the car is or set an internal temperature for it.

The VW Car-Net app also has a watchOS counterpart; It, too, has been updated so that you operate the same commands directly from your wrist.

It is worth noting that the service is not free: a subscription, which varies from country to country (in the US, for example, only $ 120 per year), is required for vehicle owners to take advantage of the facilities of Car-Net and now the integration with Siri. There is also no information on whether VW has plans to bring the platform to Brazil would be cool anyway?

via 9to5Mac

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