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Tomb Raider Released for Linux – Check Out Some Benchmarks

The first game from the Tomb Raider franchise was released for Linux / SteamOS, let's take a look at this new gaming option for Linux users and talk about game performance.

Tomb Raider Linux

Yesterday the release of the game Tomb Raider (2013) for Linux was announced, this one more title that comes to "fatten" the library of games available for the platform, it is not a release, but good to be able to play this game on Linux too.

I've had it since its release practically and played it through Wine on Linux, but now with a native version things are even better, including performance. Tomb Raider is a relatively heavy game and has some effects that make a lot of difference from what I could see.

I made some benchmarks with the game using the following hardware / software:

– Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

– Unity 7.4

– Kernel 4.4

– Driver Nvidia 364.19

– i5 3330

– 2X4GB Hyper-X Fury 1600 Mhz

– GTX 960 Point of View

– 120GB + 2.5TB HD 7200 RPM SSD (/ HOME)

In the first test I ran the full HD benchmark with all the settings on Ultra, absolutely everything to the maximum possible:

Benchmark Tomb Raider Linux

Without making a screenshot for YouTube it is possible to play at maximum without any major problems, especially if you don't mind running the 30 FPS game, but there is a tremendous effect on the game that the "give life" option to Lara Croft's hair, this effect makes each character's hair independent of each other and the magnificent effect, seriously, her hair looks more real than mine! : D

I commented on this effect because doing the same benchmark above with everything on Ultra (Ultimate), but this time turning off this effect on Lara's hair (only this effect, the rest all at maximum), the result was this: Tomb Raider Linux

Just by turning off the effect the game already runs 60 FPS with greater peace of mind, even though the rest of the settings are all as much as possible.

Just for the sake of curiosity, I decided to put the game in windowed mode and lower the resolution to 1440×900, just above the HD (720p), which for those who have more modest computers an option to consider and even for those who want to make gameplays. since, as I always say, recording the screen lowers the frame rate a lot.

In the above benchmark you see the game at the ultimate, with Lara's hair effect on, however, at lower resolution and we had about a 15 frames gain compared to FullHD mode.

You can buy the game from Steam right now for a reasonable amount:

Enjoy and enjoy the game! See you next time! _____________________________________________________________________________ See any errors or would you like to add any suggestions to this article? Collaborate, click here.

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