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Thursday has Apple-focused Macs special event, with full coverage of MacMagazine – of course!

In a rather atypical move, Apple confirmed last week that it will be holding Thursday (27/10), another special event most likely the last of 2016.

The recent rumors would be enough to know that this is a Mac-focused event (with heavy weight on the new MacBook Pro, it seems), but Apple hid nothing and threw the title right into the invitation. ?Hello again? (?Ol again?) making a clear allusion to the releases of the original Macintosh in 1984 and the first iMac in 1998.

The special event will take place from 15 hours, for the summer time of Brasilia. He be held in the town hallis Apple's auditorium at 1 Infinite Loop (Cupertino, California). Here's how to keep track of everything about it.

Apple Broadcast

Fortunately Apple will once again broadcast the keynote Live for everyone and this is the best way to go with it if you can watch the video, have a good connection and understand the English language relatively well.

You can keep track of everything from your Mac / PC, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Apple TVs.

MM Live

MM Live October 27th Special Event

O MM Live, our platform live blogging, is ready for this event! That's why we will cover our end-to-end presentation in Portuguese, including photos and additional comments.

Bookmark this link from j! Emos We will start the work there ~ ~ 15 minutes in advance, around 2:45 pm.

Twitter logo (birdie / bird)Twitter Highlights

Anyone who is busy at the time of the event and can't keep up with either Apple's broadcast or MM Live, we'll post some highlights of our live blogging at the Twitter in @MacMagazine without exaggeration, as always, so as not to flood the timeline from anyone.

Detailed Articles

While all this happens (the presentation itself should last 1h30-2h), we will prepare detailed articles about all the news that will be published gradually here on the site. And they go on until late at night, for I do not lack what is lacking on days like this.

Wallet Ticket

Already tradition. ? As with every recent Apple special event, we have prepared a Wallet ticket that will alert you when the keynote starts.

Add it by box Next:

October 27th Special Event Ticket

MM Live

in MacMagazine

Ticket for WalletRequires iOS 6 or higherCompatible with iPhones / iPods touch

Badge - Add to Apple Wallet

Or scan the following QR code from Wallet by tapping the plus sign (+) in the upper right corner, choosing ?Scan Code? and pointing the camera:

October 27 Special Event QR Code

Ready? See you guys!

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