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Create 3D models with Apple Pencil in this iPad app

Whether you are a designer, architect or engineer, the fact that the way these professions work is changing, as are dozens of other professions. In many cases, the new way of creating and producing is linked to the technologies we have available (be they hardware and / or software).

In this sense, the app Shapr3D One of the CAD software developed for mobile devices focused on the work of engineers, industrial designers, architects, among other professionals.

Shapr app icon: CAD for 3D modeling

Built on SolidWorks' geometric modeling engine, Shapr3D offers a fast and accurate way to create 2D and 3D models on iPad, as the app uses the power of Apple Pencil to create amazing designs; which also makes the creation process very intuitive.

To start working on the app, you can import existing 3D models created in other CAD applications, as well as project images or hand-drawn sketches to reference them in new models. In the end, the app lets you export JPG and PNG images of all angles of the created templates or designs or then transfer them to other CAD tools.

The only negative feature that Shapr3D is an application. freemium. All modeling tools are included in the free version, but only three designs are offered and only low quality designs can be exported. For the full version of the app is charged $ 200 per month or $ 900 per year students and teachers can use the educational license of the application at no cost.

Shapr3D is compatible with all iPads that support Apple Pencil, including the 9.7 ? (sixth generation) iPad and all iPad Pro models.

tip of Mario Henrique Polewacz

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